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Mathematics is considered one of the difficult disciplines be it school or college. But especially when the student enters into a college the subject becomes much more difficult as now he is expected to have the basic mathematical knowledge as he has come out from school where he is expected that he must have acquired all the basic fundamental knowledge related to mathematics.

Therefore, the student is not entertained by his teachers if his basic fundamentals regarding the subject are not cleared. The teachers will teach only that much which they are accountable to. Further, the tag of "Grown Up" is attached to the student; therefore he won't be getting all the pampering and luxuries that he was getting in school as a minor. This is the rule of thumb.

The Math teacher and professors will continue to teach as they are being paid by the college authorities to finish the course, that's it. They are least bothered whether he is able to understand the subject or not. Well obviously, that is the sad part of our education system. For majority of the teachers, you are just a common face in the crowd among thousands of students joining college every year and then graduating.

Due to this, many of the talented students get wasted. They are passionate, but they are directionless. They just need some guidance from a teacher that is considered a father figure who just pat his back and say "Yes son you can do it, I am with you". This kind of warmth and sensibility is required from the teachers to boost our education system.

When the student doesn't get the care and attention then it has seen most of the times that the students fail miserably in the particular subject especially in math. So what is the cure, what is the exact solution that can cure this deficiency or disease?  Well, the solution is math online tutoring service help for college students. Yes, you heard it right - an online platform to teach the students of college from all over the world mathematics, in a fun and interesting way.

Gone are those days when the student use to sit in the traditional and boring classrooms. Now it is the time of technology and the technology has driven tremendous results in the field of education. So now you don't need to sit and get frustrated, rather you have the opportunity to get quality online help and learn math through online lectures, video and audio conferencing and chatting.


As discussed earlier, math online tutoring is a new concept and gaining extreme popularity among the college going students. The results are tremendous and the students are doing great in a subject which they thought difficult earlier but now it is like as simple as 'a walk in the park' for them, thanks to math online tutoring.

This tutoring is designed keeping in mind the comfort and adaptability of the student as per his hectic college schedule. In college, the student spends most of his day. As a result he is not able to attend the coaching classes or the time for self study.

Further, in college the teachers teach by the traditional approach which is just the opposite of the modern and interactive approach in which the student feels enthusiastic and energetic to learn more about the subject. It completely depends upon the teacher, whether he considers his teaching profession as his religion of selfless service or a normal 9 to 5 job.

In math online tutoring the teachers are young and passionate, applying the latest modern approaches to teach the student in the best way they can. They are available 24*7 to serve, so now the student doesn't need to see the time. He can just approach to his concerned teacher and get help whenever he is stuck in a situation.

Another important fact regarding the current scenario is that many students do some kind of part time or full time job to earn some extra pocket money. We completely understand their phase of responsibly. To solve this issue, online tutoring system is designed in such a manner that whenever the student is free he can get help from the tutor online which is available to the student 24*7, complete 365 days. So now the student can actually manage his academic and personal life, unlike earlier.

In college you just get only one option but in math online tutoring the student get a wide range of options from a pool of quality mathematicians, teachers, professors, academicians and scholars, possessing rich and quality experience in their respective subjects.


A Rich pool of talented teachers

The amount of work required to be done depends upon student to student. Some students are sharp as their fundamentals are clear, while some students take time to understand a mathematical concept. We completely understand this fact that every student learns according to his or her pace of learning. As our teachers have rich experience for the past so many years, they know the nerve of every student.

They teach each student according to his skills and pace. They understand the nature of the student and only that teacher is allotted to the student who is compatible to the student. Further, if still the student doesn't feel satisfied, he has always the option to switch the teacher and start learning from another teacher.

Customized options

It happens mostly, that not every student wants to get the teaching of the full course. The ratio depends, for example, some students face problem in just one particular topic, some face issues in multiple topics while some prefer to take the coaching of the full fledged course. We provide customized options so that the student can feel free to choose his option and start the course accordingly. He is only accountable to pay that much fees which is as per the course length of the subject.

Pocket friendly fees structure

We have been able to survive in the market for one reason and that is - 'we are with the student and for the student'. Money was never our primary concern but for the existence of the system a minimum amount of money is required to continue the operations in a smooth manner. We believe in establishing relationships and bonds with the student that lasts longer. Therefore, our fees structure is so reasonable that every class of student can afford it with a smile on his face.

Personal attention

We believe that every student is important and we treat all the students equally. The system is so student oriented that it offers teaching the student in a one to one manner providing qualified personal attention to the student which doesn't happen in college. The student can anytime ask questions regarding the subject and the teacher will instantly reply his query. This personal attention will not only boost the confidence of the student but also sow the seeds of strong fundamental foundation in the student regarding the subject.

Weekly Tests

Someone rightly said, "The one who practices more in the training, bleeds less in the battle". We conduct tests on weekly and monthly basis to evaluate the understandability of the student regarding the subject. This feature will enable the student practice more and more and will lead him to become an expert. Therefore, when the actual exam comes, it won't be an alien thing to the student and can solve the paper very easily.

The evaluation of how much knowledge the student has acquired is very important. This evaluation will not only make the student understand his depth of knowledge but also enable the teacher to map out the strategy to deal with the student.


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