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Star is a standardized test conduct in California. This is a standardized held in spring session. It is designed for the public school students of California. The star program is the basis of the public schools accountability act PSAA 1999. It was designed to enhance the public school student's education. It helps school to improve academic achievement of all the public school students. It was designed with four components. The program had begun in 1988. This test is designed for grade 2 to grade 11. It is a state level testing provide by California department of education to improve curricular performance of the public school student. The prime aim of the program is to evaluate students on various subjects.  It had made to build the foundation of the students for the state school accountability program. It is authorized by the state law (senate bill 376) in 1997. It is amendment under assembly bill 484 in the state law named as student assessment system. CAASPP system has replaced the star program.

  • Very First level of the program here students do study of four major subjects asked in California standard test (CST). These four vital subjects are science, mathematics, history- social science and English-language art. This test is regulated by California department of education.
  • Second one here program do assessment on student's knowledge in science, mathematics and English language art. It is known as California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA). It is an alternative program for CSTs. It is program designed for disable students.
  • Third one is designed for those who have satisfied the CMA eligibility criteria and IEP. It is known as a California Modified Assessment (CMA). This also an alternative CSTs assessment program. In this students are assets on various question based on English-language art, mathematics and science. It is designed for that student who has physical disabilities.
  • Fourth and the last one assets the knowledge of the students on mathematics and reading language. It is designed for the Spanish-speaking students. It is known as standard based on Spanish (STS). Here student is asked to answer in Spanish.

This all how this level of examine of student is run by the California's department of education. Results of the programs are continuously increasing and students are performing well in the high schools. The reasoning of the students is increasing so, they are found more efficient to take good decision on several issues.

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