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The PSAT is a National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. It is one level examination in first level students will ask to answer 48 questions in 25 min related to math and critical writing.

 Are you looking for the elite institute for PSAT preparation? You are at the right place for help service, our institute can answer you on common questions arise at the time of starting preparation of the PSAT.

  • What is a syllabus of PSAT?
  • Which books I should prefer for the preparation?
  • What are the major parts of the syllabus?
  • How to revise and judge self for the test?
  • What to read or what to skip?

You will get solution of all your problems at one place. Our study material is a concise and enough to crack the PSAT. Our study processes is designed for every student whether it is a working student or regular student. This course is designed to serve any level student. Throughout the researches we analyze the student's brain capacity to capture the knowledge in one time lecture. Our program has designed for every student whether he is the poor or the rich. We work on cheaper rates. We follow a set pattern for the preparation of PAST which is designed after a long duration researches.

How our teaching process runs.

  • Analysis of syllabus

First we describe the entire syllabus in details with the distribution of marks for each section mention in syllabus. We deeply understand the syllabus is a most important thing to crack any exam. Our analysts study the whole syllabus with the specification of that what did examiner has asked in previous papers. Here we have divided the entire syllabus according to their utility and distribution of marks in the paper. Mathematics different portions have considered by the committee in the syllabus. We have broken down that various topics of mathematics in different portion according to their weightage in exam like algebra (12%), data interpretation (8%), trigonometry (30%), and miscellaneous (50%). Written section also divided as same the math.   

  • Lectures

After dividing the syllabus in parts according to their easiness or toughness we designed the group of lectures on the various topics. Some topics are not easy but some are very easy, some takes time to understand but some not. We focus on concise and conciliated materials in our lectures. Our lectures have sufficient knowledge to crack the exam. Audio video lectures which we provide to you are delivered by very popular lecturers who are expertise in their field with various years experience of teaching.

Practice sets

After completion of tutorial lectures we focus on Mock Test Set and our expertise check these and describe your errors and solve your problems on regular basis. We designed our own sets of mock papers after the guidance from various books like cracking the PSAT/NMSQT by Princeton Review. Barron's 1520: Aiming for National Merit, Barron's Strategies and Practice for the New PSAT/NMSQT.

Our PSAT teacher's qualifications and expertise

We hire the best quality teacher to serve you, our aim is to build your carrier

Our faculties are expertise in their field. They are PhD in various fields. They are trained to handle the students problems they are very generous in nature. They will give you personal attention on your problems whatever is your issues.

Our crash course

Two week before the test we arrange a crash course session for our students. This session contains explanation on the every topic of the entire syllabus in short nuts. Here we describe short cuts to solve math problems as well as this session is focused on how your mind set should be before the exam. Student those have exam phobia it contains one meditation lecture for them with the guidance that how they can overcome themselves from this problem.

Why we for the PSAT tutoring services?

We give guidance till your PSAT paper has done. Our team prefers the most popular books from the best writers on various topics to deliver the lectures. Our teachers delivered motivation lectures time to time to the students to increase their workability. Find those for our gaudiness who better understand your problems or with whom you can feel comfort and we are the best in this. 

We offer high quality assistance in PSAT exam preparation and latest technology based online PSAT tutoring services. Our tutors are helping students in preparation of PSAT exam and they provide customized course material and tutoring services with effective teaching styles. They know the student's difficulties in preparation of PSAT so they work together with student to overcome this situation. They teach PSAT course topics effectively to students so that a student may crack the exam with high scoring result. Our online tutoring services are well formed for students who look online assistance and want to study in their comfort of zone. We provide high accuracy result in PSAT exam preparation / tutoring services and our students have achieved top rank in PSAT. 


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