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About eTutoringWorld

eTutoringWorld is one of fastest growing online tutoring company in world, founded by co-founders of Experts Mind IT Educational Pvt Ltd. We are known as one of leader in online collaborative e-learning processes and educational services. The team of eTutoringworld is enthusiastically helping students all over the world.

What is our Aim? - To spread high quality educational services all over the world. We want to reach at every student and provider them sources for high standard educational materials and class solutions for education need. We have worked together with highly qualified and experienced professors and educators to meet our goals and thus we have found itself remarkable position in Education industry. To fulfill our aim, we have hired highly professional staff and continually enhancing our internal system with empowering our educational services.

Strategy followed by eTutoringWorld?

We think that students can give better result if they work in their comfort zone. Today educational requirements are too sloppy and heavy for students that they feel burden during studies. They don't feel joy and energetic during study in college. We follow strategy to feel comfort a student in their study zone. To react at our strategy, we reach at every student and try to solve their difficulties with no more effort. A student can find educational resources or help within few second and we make it available for every student. We have enhanced our system and staff to be available for every student when they look for online help and services. We develop a virtual communication between a student and tutor and they altogether work for better results.

As an educational service vendor, we know that every student has different need and their level of understanding is not same. We reach at every student and find what exactly they need? How to solve individual problems? A team of educators are working with us to resolve every difficulty of student at same time when they need.

We have enhanced technological approach in education and already developed the fast interactive sessions for students which is available instantly 24/7. We are developed one the fastest support and technological enhanced platform where student can find help with no wait time.  We understand our accountability towards timely delivery of services and products and thus our services are reliable as per student's point of view.

Our Methodology:-

  • 24X7 support and availability of educators for help
  • A team of experienced and highly qualified educators/tutors
  • Priority on Live one to one help instead of group studies
  • Customization of courses as per student's need and requirements
  • Customized help as per demand of student
  • Delivering Fast and quick solutions and services
  • K- 12 and college level help and exam preparation in various subjects and courses
  • Technology enhancement in education
  • Quality services in time
  • Door to door help
  • No plagiarism policy
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction


We at eTutoringWorld offer various educational services all over the world. Our service portfolio includes online tutoring, tutor service, assignment help, homework help, exam preparation and other writing services for example, essay writing, dissertation writing, thesis and report writing help. The tutors are hired for different skills and they are well trained to provider their services online. It is difficult for a student to have all sources available at same place. We work for student to make available study related sources at same place. We reach at student and provide them high standard quality assistance whether it's related to class studies or notes. We are one of the known online tutoring service vendors in market and with more than 98.7% satisfaction ratio; we have gained a precious faith of students during decade.

A Team of Highly Professional and Certified Tutors

To fulfill the requirements of students, we have hired highly experienced and qualified tutors team in different fields and subjects. The hiring process of a tutor is tough and they have to face many tests before joining our team. Once they clear all level of screening and adaptive tests, they are trained for online services because it's different than to attain physical classroom. We have good strength of tutors so we never get issues of lack of resources while delivering of our service worldwide. 


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