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Schooling is considered as an important phase of a child's life. Every child has a birth right to the basic elementary education. Education is required for building a more wide perspective about the worldly facts and knowledge. Home is considered as the first school of the child and his mother is meant to be his first teacher. But as the child grows this home schooling is left behind. The child gradually enters to the conventional institutional schooling. He studies a number of subjects, makes a lot of friends. But sometimes children don't like going to school. It becomes very difficult for the parents to manage such a situation.

Don't worry parents! Your child needs not to go anywhere when he has reach to our online tutoring facility.

Breaking the traditional schooling techniques and conventional methods, we provide you with world class online tutoring services. In the today's modern world people are resorting to online methods for attaining their each and every objective. Then why not online tutoring? ONLINE TUTORING provides innumerable benefits. It is difficult to mention all such benefits but the major ones are as follows.

Time saving - Unlike traditional schooling, online tutoring aims at saving student's time. The student can learn the same concepts at his home and at his own pace. Time in transportation to and from school is saved. The student can put this time in learning new skills. He can also develop potential capabilities to perform other tasks while pursuing his studies.

Online tutoring does not provide tutoring facilities only but provides the time to build the inner capacities of an individual.

Cost efficient - You need to be tension free in this respect. Our ONLINE TUTORING facilities are absolutely free of cost. You don't need to spend a single penny for accessing our tutoring services. The traditional schools charge exorbitant prices for providing the same education in the name of books and stationery.

24/7 online assistance - There are no fixed schedules for online tutoring session. It works according to the child's timeline. If your son or daughter has a theatre play or cricket match and you doubt about missing their important lessons. Then online tutoring is the one stop solution to your all such problems. The child just has to visit the website and click the option "connect to tutor" option. Children can also mention the topic which they want to study. More than 500 tutors are present for providing online assistance to students.

Think about your child is having an exam the next day and some topics are not still clear before the previous night of the exam?    

Specialized tutoring for a particular topic of a subject - The answer to the above question lies in the given point. This is a unique and exclusive feature of ONLINE TUTORING services. Your child can take online learning help for an individual topic of a subject. This means, if he lags behind at any point of the topic, he can quickly clear his doubts and confusion by connecting to our tutors available at that very moment. For example, like in case of mathematics online tutoring, the child is having a clear understanding about all the topics. But in the chapter of Integration and Differentiation, the child is having problem in understanding the basic concepts of differentiation. Instead, of waiting for tomorrow to ask the teacher, the child can build up his concept about this particular part by quickly connecting to the tutor of the subject at the moment the doubt arises.

Modernized methods of teaching - The online tutors use the latest and the most advanced method of tutoring. This separates them from the traditional school teachers who follow the years' long teaching methodology. Each child is having a different level in terms of learning abilities. The main aim of ONLINE TUTORING is to devise personalized method of teaching to suit the individual learning needs of a child.

Online tutoring is like a bouquet of flowers wherein each subject represents a rare and distinct flower!

Study of different subjects at a single platform - Subjects like science, mathematics, accounts require a comprehensive learning other than basic school learning to develop a more conceptual based knowledge. This creates headache for parents. They need to rush out for finding the best teacher for their child. Imagine what will happen if the parents get to know that finding the best quality tutor services is possible without having a single step outside the home. Yes, obviously the answer is Online Tutoring Facility and Services.  

This is a virtual platform where parents can get an affordable package for enhancing their child's learning in almost all the subjects. You can subscribe for one package and it will provide you with the benefits of multiple subjects.

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So what are you thinking of?

Go and grab this bouquet of online tutoring so that it can spread the fragrance of knowledge of diverse subjects in your child's educational career!

Customized approach - Online tutoring is based on the principle of having a single tutor for each individual student. Like the traditional schools in which all students are treated on an equal level of understanding, online tutoring is carried out considering the learning ability of each individual student. Students can decide the hours of study. This results in concentration building of students as they need not be engaged on a single topic for long hours. The small frequent sessions are far better than the continuous and boring long sessions.

Online tutoring is more interactive - This is absolutely true. In the school premises the students are made to cram up the concepts instead of fostering the logical thinking. Online tutoring is far superior in this respect. Students can have an interactive session on the various parts of topic. They can discuss the validity of the rules, theories, and ideas, and can satisfy the curiosities which are popping up inside the brain of the students. Thus, online tutoring service broadens up the students' horizon by imparting practical knowledge of the respective subject.

Chance to learn from a variety of learned tutors - In case of regular school teaching; students are allotted with one subject teacher only. They need to grasp the study material that is provided by such teacher. But in case of ONLINE TUTORING the student has access to a number of experienced tutors. Student can ask for change of tutor if the tutoring methodology of one particular tutor does not suit to students' understanding level.

To sum up, online tutoring has brought revolutionary changes in the modern education system and has become the most preferred learning option for students. 


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